Leading Edge Avelar Contractors has the ability and skills needed in order to succesfully manage a variety of concrete projects. Our highly trained staff oversees the entire process from excavation and ground preparation to pouring and finishing.

Concrete Flatwork

Our concrete capabilities include applications such as the installation or repair of floors, stairs, patios, sidewalks and more.

Stamped/Patterned Concrete

Stamped/patterned concrete can be used to help improve the look of concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways by providing a finish that resembles stone, tile, brick, or even wood. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, stamped concrete can add a high-end look to any project.

Foundations and Walls

Leading Edge Avelar Contractors specializes in concrete foundations and support structures including footings, grade beams, concrete pads with frost footings, cast in place or modular precast wall systems and retaining walls.

Roadways, Bridges, Roundabouts and Curbing

Whether repairing existing roundabouts and curbing or excavating and pouring new roadways, our team is dedicated to creating the higest quality end-product for our customers.

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If you have any question, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our experts. We are pleased to offer all types services for the needs of your family or business.


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