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Was your wood fence installation so many years ago that the boards have begun to become loose, or have animals and weather slowly worn away the integrity of some of your fence posts and parts?
Fence repair are part of the promised service at Leading Edge Avelar Contractors. Our team is able to help repair minor fence issues like loose boards or rusted gates, to more serious issues like leaning poles and missing boards altogether.

Fence Installation & Repair

There are a wide variety of tasks associated with fences

• Repairs: Common repairs include covering holes in your fence, and replacing fence posts, pickets or planks.

• Installation: If you need new fence installation, a section of a fence constructed, or gate installation.

• Garden: Many people are also looking for fence maintenance having to do with yard and garden work, like removing vines, digging up roots, installing wire fences for garden boxes or new trees, and installing trellises.

Don’t be on the fence–book a task today!

Vinyl Fences Offer Easy Installation that Lasts

One of the aspects homeowners most love about vinyl fencing is the easy installation. This means that you will be able to save money on installation costs, and instantly reap some of the benefits vinyl fences have to offer. When you invest in professional vinyl fence installation, you will be charged a similar rate as if you were paying for a wooden fence installation. However, vinyl fences are so much simpler to install, that it will take less time for our ace fence installers to get the job done, meaning you save money overall. Quick installation saves you time as well, and headache, because you do not have to worry about a lengthy installation process.

That quick installation does not sacrifice on quality.   Vinyl fences may be one of the simplest and swiftest options for fence installation, but they are also some of the longest lasting and most durable fences you can purchase. Vinyl is a man made material that is impervious to termite damage, fungus, and dry rot. A properly installed vinyl fence can last up to 100 years, and greatly improve the curb appeal of your home all the while.

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